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It is the sequel to Any Body Can Dance (2012). It stars Siddharth Malhotra, Priyanka Chopra, and Boman Irani in the lead roles. The film was released on 24 January 2015. Plot After the success of the first film, choreographer Aditya (Boman Irani) is back with his dance troupe, the "ABCD" team, for a second run. However, many of his dancers are shocked to see that they will not be able to continue to work with him, because of a new anti-dancing law. New choreographers Vishal (Siddharth Malhotra) and Karan (Ankit Choudhary) are brought in to work with the ABCD team. With Karan and his troupe, the Dancing Queens, being directly hired by the Big Corporation, Karan is the choreographer that the corporation wants to sign up for a bigger contract. It is at this point that Aditya, still bitter about what happened after the last ABCD, now known as ABCD 1, has an epiphany and comes back to work with the rest of the troupe. However, he refuses to sign a contract to work with the Big Corporation. So Vishal has to find some way of integrating both the dancing teams into one. Karan's and the Dancing Queens' demands are that the contract will only be signed if they get to work with Aditya. As Vishal tries to work out the best plan, Karan and his dancing queens cause trouble for the Dancing Queens, especially when they start to copy their style. Aditya has to stand his ground, especially when Karan and his group start to barge into the Dancing Queens' rehearsals and start changing the choreography. The line between the two dancing groups starts to break down. As the day of the shoot approaches, Vishal and Aditya finally find a solution, but the solution is a last minute change in the script. The shoot day approaches and suddenly Aditya falls into a coma. Karan and his troupe cause trouble for the Dancing Queens as they try to find the location for the shoot. They find it first and Aditya comes out of the coma. As the shoot goes on, all the dancing teams come together to make sure that the dance goes on without a hitch. However, as the day approaches, the members of the dancing team have second thoughts about making the dance-



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Abcd 2 Kickass Download 18

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